MAR-SCHELL'S repairs

Stringed Instruments

Depending on the instrument being repaired or serviced, prices may vary.
Contact us for a free estimate.


$20 - Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass), Ukulele

$25 - Classical, 12 string, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin 
$25 - Floyd Rose/Floating Tremolo 

Full Setup

$45 - Guitar (acoustic, electric, classical, bass) 
$65 - Floyd Rose, Floating Tremolo, 12 string  

 *All setups include: Truss rod adjustment, re-string, set intonation, saddle and nut heights, clean and oil fingerboard, check electronics, tighten loose screws/nuts, clean and polish instrument*

Nut Replace

$25 - Pre-Shaped

$50 - Custom Made

Acoustic Saddle Replace

$25 - Pre-Shaped

$50 - Custom Made

Fret Dress

$120 (includes full setup, add $20 for Floyd Rose) 


$15/fret Partial 

$235 Full 

Broken Headstock

$90 (+$75 for splints)

Acoustic Bridge Remove & Re-glue 

$125 (includes full setup) 

Machine Heads

$15 Single

 $60 Set

(if tuners require drilling add $10) 

Electronic Component Service/Replace


Pickup Install

$50  Electric (+$20 each extra pickup)

$65 Acoustic 
$125 Preamp

Troubleshoot Electronics 


Complete Rewire


*Please note: these prices are subject to change without notice and are set as guidelines.

Some repairs may be more or less depending on the technicians discretion. Parts are not included in prices.*


Mar-Schell's Music has a mission; to "Inspire creativity through expression and music." Our vetted, fully-accredited teachers guide students in developing their own unique sound and style, focusing on the fun in fundamentals while providing encouragement to meet and exceed weekly progress goals.   

Lessons are tailored to individual students; kids, teens and adults are all welcome! All our teachers are cleared with criminal record and vulnerable sector checks


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